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Home – The very word evokes warmth, safety, security and family which is why we make homes more than just our business; it’s our passion.

As the premier modular home design and construction company in Massachusetts whose services include free consultations, we’ve made it our priority to design and build the most advanced and affordable home solutions for our customers employing the latest technology and materials to ensure our pre-fabricated homes are the industry’s finest. We serve the entire state of Massachusetts with with offices in Boston, Springfield, Worcester, Plymouth and New Bedford.

Popular Modular Home Styles

Ranch Style

World renowned for their modest, inviting appeal, our ‘Rancher’ or Ranch Style prefabricated homes are among our most sought after designs. Generally constructed as one-story modular dwellings, they provide a highly expansive option for further modular additions to grow as your family grows.

Two Story

Our multi-story designs feature two floors above ground level, allowing for added space in the home’s most visited spaces (the main floor, bedrooms and kitchen for example), and is ideal for customers seeking a cost effective modular home solution given a relatively restricted area of land on which to build.


Designed for more Northern climates featuring snow and cold temperatures, our ‘Chalet’ style prefabricated homes are based on the original European Alpine models made famous in ‘The Sound Of Music,’ and provide a durable and resilient choice for those who live in sub-zero environments.

Cape Cod

Taking our cue from homes on the East Coast, our ‘Cape Cod’ style homes are designed for less extreme temperatures and remain among our best selling options, requiring minimal upkeep with the potential for adding a second modular story including a stylish attic.

Colonial Style

Our ‘Colonial’ or ‘Southern’ style pre-fabricated homes are famous for their elegance and charm, featuring a large scale two-story design that includes a grand front entrance complete with impressive columns, and a relaxing porch encircling the entire circumference of the home.


We are committed to using the latest building materials and technology that ensure our modular homes can accommodate any restrictions on design or construction shape or size, leading to our consumers requesting a so -called ‘Mansion’ option providing the opportunity to expand the majority of our styles at any time from a one or two-story dwelling into a more luxurious and expansive home environment.

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Our prefabricated homes are designed and constructed individually, working in tandem with the home owners’ desires, finances and expectations, and are then exported to the building site for installation, commonly in more than one section, which is what inspired the synonymous names ‘modular’ or ‘prefabricated.’
The industry leading nature of our modular home designs are increasingly popular in the United States because they reflect not only the most technologically advanced options in style and construction, but because they continue to do so in the most affordable, cost effective means available. Our homes provide a comparable housing environment to any ‘traditional’ dwelling, but do so specifically with our customer’s savings and resale value in mind.
One of the advantages to purchasing one of our pre-fabricated homes is that they don’t require any special mortgage application that would differ in any way from that of a traditional one; the majority of financial institutions regard them as one in the same, except of course that our modular homes are much less expensive.
Due to the fact that they’re designed and primarily constructed off-site and transported to the building lot, ‘modular’ or ‘pre-fabricated’ homes are synonymous terms that describe a dwelling that is created in a factory, partially assembled and then brought to the construction site for installation on its foundations, often in more than one section.

Floor Plans & Interior Design

Our design team works diligently with our customers to aid them in realizing the home of their dreams, utilizing the most advanced design software in the industry to see those dreams realized, while our main concern remains the ability to not only maintain but increase your home’s resale value.

Here are a few of our most popular modular home designs that feature this primary resale goal;



Free Consultation

Yes, you heard right; we offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to all of our customers, because we understand that the process of designing or even deciding on a modular home can be a daunting task for those with limited experience in the home buyer’s market. That’s why we are delighted to provide our expertise and acumen to help you make the best decision for you and your family.


Once our customers have decided on the home design they want and all necessary building permits have been received, we then move on to the construction phase on-site by transporting the modular home for installation on its foundation, which we will already have begun in advance.

Time Frame

In fact, the majority of our design consultations with customers require only about a week or two, during which we will be constantly striving to not only meet their expectations, but exceed them.

After that, approximate construction time requires only between 4 and 6 weeks.

Give us a call, contact us online or come in at any time to take advantage of our free consultation services, and let us show you what our modular homes can offer you and your family.


Design Consultation

Our designers will continue to consult with our customers, even after a particular style has been decided on, to ensure that the construction process will be as integrated with their needs and concerns as the design process proved to be, including the use of technologically advanced 3D software to demonstrate the entire process from beginning to end.

Resell Value

We believe that one of the most important benefits we can provide our customers is the potential for our home buyer’s to increase the resale value of our prefab designs. That’s why we remain committed to a hands-on, interactive relationship with our customers to maximize that potential for each and every one of them, and is why you can look forward to added home resale value when you purchase one of our modular homes.

Less Mess & Disruption

Our modular home designs offer affordable, construction-friendly residential options that are relatively uncomplicated to create and build, offering a much more customer oriented design and building time table that ensures we are meeting their needs on their schedule.

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