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Choosing a home is difficult, there’s no denying it. That is why we try our best to make the decision to buy a modular home easy and satisfactory. We are modular home builders based in Vermont looking to provide affordable prefabricated homes. Times are tough, but getting your dream home shouldn’t be. We guarantee that if you purchase a home with us our work will be suited to your budget, your time frame and your desire for quality materials. If you think modular homes might be right for you we also provide a free consolation to help you determine the perfect design for your new prefab home.
Proudly serving all Vermont communities including Burlington, Colchester, Montpelier, Essex, South Burlington & more.

Popular Modular Home Styles

Ranch Style

If you are keen on a more minimal look, a recommended prefab home would be The Rancher (The Ranch Style modular home). With its simple, yet classic design it leaves room for the owner to experiment with any future additions to the home. This is considered the most flexible modular home, and there’s no denying why. Creating your dream home is made easy and fun.

Two Story

A very common style among our clients is the two-story modular home as it compensates for limited land space. Much like an average home, you will find the common living areas on the main floor, while seclusion for the bedrooms is provided by the second story design.


Emulating the woodland feel of Swiss Alpine homes, the chalet style prefab home is more appropriate for those living in snow-prone environments. Seeing as these homes have a very specific aesthetic, those living in colder states might be more inclined to choose them.

Cape Cod

Much like the chalet style modular home, the Cape Cod prefab home is perfect for colder environments and much more versatile in it’s design. With this home you will be able to easily apply any additions and be able to enjoy an attic as the angled roof design is usually conducive to them.

Colonial Style

If you are looking for a more “traditional” style for your prefab home then we would recommend the colonial home. Easily identified by its size and white columns, this home is perfect for those looking to enjoy a spacious design and great view from the 360 degree front porch. Whether you are a family of two or looking to expand in the future, the two-story design of this modular home will be a great way to divide your space.


Prefab home designs may seem limiting, especially for those looking to house a big family now or in the future. However, with innovative modular home technology it has been made much easier to expand the size of the homes without limitation into what is often called the “mansion” style. With this increase demand for big modular homes, any one can be built to into a mansion.

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Find out if a modular home VT is the right solution for you.
We strive to provide our clients with exactly the home the want to live in, so with specifications from the owners the modular homes are crafted within their budget and lifestyle needs. Each home is built within a factory and transported in individual pieces to the property before being put together, staying true to the term “Modular Home”.
For those who are looking to make the most of their investment into a house, the prefab homes cost an average 30-60% less than traditional style home. There are many more benefits to be experienced when deciding on a modular home, such as the maintenance costs, the quality of life you will be experiencing, and any sort of changes you would want to make to it down the line. With the more flexible designs and innovative technology surrounding these homes, there’s no mystery why there has been an overwhelming spike in popularity for modular homes in the United States.


Qualifying for a construction loan or mortgage for one of these modular homes may seem difficult or confusing, however the process is no different than for a regular home. All you need to do is meet the necessary income and credit requirements, which are usually federally or state regulated, before you can begin cultivating your new home.
There is typically some confusion surrounding the name of these homes. The terms modular, prefabricated, and manufactured are all synonymous when discussing this product due to their design and construction. ‘Prefabricated’ refers to the way they arrive based on your specifications, while ‘manufactured’ refers to their development in a factory rather than constructed onsite. Once these homes are manufactured, they are sent to the location in modules and built there. This industry is rich in lingo so we hope this explanation helped in clarifying the basic terms for you.

Floor Plans & Interior Design

Everyone should be able to get the home of their dreams, however there are few things every new modular homeowner should consider. We want to ensure that your home maintains good resell value, so we will provide you with an exert designer who will help your create a home you love but can also be easily sold if you decide to move on. Some of our popular floor plans include:



Free Consultation

Are you wondering if prefab homes are right for you? Are you worried if maybe you won’t be getting exactly what you want? This is why we offer a free consultation for any uncertain buyers. We will endeavor to provide you with all the information you could possibly need by the end of the consultation so that you and your family can make the perfect choice.

Resell Value

Nothing lasts forever, not even a customer made modular home. Tastes change and situations might lead you down a different path. It’s understandable why the resale value is just as important as the price and design of your prefab home. That is why strive to provide the best insight during the building process so that you can get the highest resale value down the line.

Less Mess & Disruption

Building a home is stressful business, what with invasive noise for neighbors and messy (and often dangerous) work sites. With modular homes you won’t need to worry about that as all the pieces are built within a factory which are then transported to the house location and put together, reducing many of these common disruptions including the risk weather conditions impose on your time sensitive project.

Design Consultation

A home is unique and special to every one. There shouldn’t have to be any compromises made in the creation of your perfect home, which is why you will be meeting with a design expert to guide you through the process once you have decided that a modular home is for you. You can watch your home come to life as your intricate design is imported into a digital file as a 3D model. The model will be our muse as we manufacture your home.


The early phases of constructions start from the bottom–more literally, from the foundation of the modular home. While that is sufficiently set up, the house itself will built in a factory prior to its composition on site once everything is ready.

Time Frame

Depending on the agreement of both spouses, the design can be figured out and finalized in about 1-2 weeks. Once that is completed and everyone is satisfied with the decisions, it can take about 4-8 weeks for the modular home to be built and ready to live in.

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